Sunday, 22 February 2015

Short Story: Silent Screams of you

*Disclaimer - please don't compare my first draft with someone else's final copy, otherwise I dare you to do better - please don't use/edit my work without my express permission and please don't share it without it being credited and sourced back to me - this 'story' is fictional - I know it's not perfect, it was never supposed to be*

That’s what happens when you get your heart broken. You become paralyzed. It takes years to build up trust but only a second to break it. Her heart was shattered, each shard piercing her with every breath.

She never understood before, when others hearts were broken. She said that that’s what happens with love, it breaks you. And she would always laugh.

Now she gasped for air forgetting how to breathe and wanting to scream because the taste of your mouth was so perfect but then so poisonous and wretched. All she tastes in her mouth is acid, all she feels is the mind-numbing pain that you caused, that you created because you could. Because you didn't even care.

She lay in bed for hours, trying to gain the strength to move. It never came to her.

Four months on and she can’t remember what it feels like to not be haunted by you. Tainted by you. Shattered by you. She says she was young, and unsure of what love even was back then. But she knows now. She knew from the instant you left.

‘I’ll hate you someday’ she silently screams to herself as she lies on her bed without you. Knowing that it’s better without you. But not feeling it yet without you.

She questions why she ever loved you every day since. She says she doesn't anymore. They all know that’s a lie. She loves you because you made time go by, because you said you didn't know why but just knew that together you were the perfect kind of trouble. She loves you and with that love she consumes you and it makes her sick, sick with your bitter lies and the burning fights and the pain you caused her that should put you behind bars. You deserve to be behind bars. But they would never be strong enough because the pain would still seep through into her peeling skin with your lies tattooed onto her arms permanently imprinted on the shards of shattered heart that stain her body with blood. The blood that you caused to seep out of her.

If loving you kills her then just know that she was ready to die the day you said hello. We love the things that kill us. She thought it would be a cigarette burn but you were a forest fire and you burnt her with bleach from the inside out. Your words soaring through her like wildfire.

That’s what happens when you get your heart broken. You become paralyzed. She’ll hate you someday.

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

'Over There'

Oh, look! I've done it yet again! You have once more, been completely bamboozled by my extensive shameless promotions and all that jazz!

Now if you don't know what I'm talking about, then shame on you, because you clearly have not read last weeks blog post on Paint The Roses Red!
And as I am assuming the last comment will be relevant for quite a few of you, so here I am again doing the exact same thing one week later... I'm rather persistent don't you think?!

Any who, today I want to talk about my other blog; Paint The Roses Red. It's a tad older than this one and it's where I write about slightly different things. Paint The Roses Red has been around since the Middle Ages i.e October 2013 and is where I write about beauty, fashion and lifestyle of a sort. I post over there on the 1st and 3rd week of every month. And there we go again with the 'over there' what I call pathetic joke! You'd know about that too if you'd read my latest Paint The Roses Red post.. Tut tut.. 
Both blogs are very much written by me and are very much all my work. I love them both dearly and would like it very much of you would care to take the time to check the other one out. Cheers!

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