Monday, 13 July 2015

A Deafening Silence to Silence Her

The deafening silence washed over her like a wave washes over the sand on a beach. She looked out over the rocky cliff edge and saw the trail of death that the silence had left behind.
There was a gentle and comforting breeze floating across the land; yet no whistling or low howling could be heard from the tranquil force.
As she looked down from the cliff she noticed the innocent layer of cyanide-looking wispy fog, almost kissing the land with its touch. She saw the misty vapour begin to rise with the contradicting air masses. As a wretched panic took over her whirring mind she turned to run, all too aware of what the silent poison could do. 
She ran inland as the fog crept up behind her as if watching, waiting, savouring her fright. 
The wind had picked up and its sharp edges started to whip at her sides. Her breath caught as she sensed the movement behind her. The force suddenly surging towards her like an uncontrollable tsunami.
It first pulled at her feet, dragging her down. She gasped as she fell, inhaling the death that was looming around her. It recklessly pierced at her lungs, burning her throat on its journey as if a shot of vinegar was scorching away what voice she had left. The pain stabbed through her lifeless body as the sword of sacrifice pierced her trembling heart. 
She screamed out in torture but the silent hallowing bellow from her surroundings was too powerful to let her cry escape.
She lay, motionless, as her soul had been engulfed by the silence.
Her lifeless body lay still as the deafening silence washed over her, like a wave washes over the sand on a beach.
At last, she was silenced.

*Disclaimer - please don't use/edit my work without my express permission and please don't share it without it being credited and sourced back to me - this 'story' is fictional - I know it's not perfect, it was never supposed to be. I don't know what I was intending to achieve in writing this; I just wanted to incorporate cyanide into a piece of writing in some way as I personally find that death by cyanide is a fascinating way to go, maybe it's something about drowning in your own bodily fluids...*

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  1. Oh wow this is an incredible piece of writing, you're really talented! Your descriptions are really vivid and powerful, really enjoyed reading this. Hope you're having a great day lovely!!

    -Nabeela x

    1. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me! :) xx