Sunday, 8 March 2015

Rape Culture

*Disclaimer: this poem is supposed to highlight the distorted rape culture that we live in. I am not, in anyway promoting rape, I am simply highlighting how rape can be perceived in today's messed up society*

Rape culture, safe culture
What’s the difference?

It’s the norm to be approached
In the middle of the street
By a person you don’t know
And don’t want to meet

Waiting for the bus
At the age of eleven
Taught us all
An important lesson

That it’s okay to be viewed
As an object or item
Because we’re not really human
We’re just sexualised women

But we’re not really objects
We’re people growing up
Where rape is the norm
And abuse is expected

That person who harassed you
In the middle of the street
Confused you, and scared you
And that’s okay, you see

Because who really cares
When it happens to everyone
Because rape culture is a norm
That’s what we’re taught to believe

So maybe that person did harass me on the street
But I didn't get a bruise

So I can’t really please

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