Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Small Web of Lies

“I’ve painted a picture for all to see
It’s true to them but not to me
I paint with deceit
But my heart seldom cries
My own self defeat
From my small
web of lies”

I only feel like myself when I am alone, because only I know who I am and only I know what I think. I only feel like myself when no one is telling me about myself; who I should be, what I should’ve done, how I should progress. I only feel like myself when I escape from the world, because this world doesn’t know me. This world only knows what I want it to. Because there are some things I don’t say, some things I don’t dare let out.
My thoughts are kept to myself. My mind is withdrawn from the world. Because only I will understand and not confuse by my thoughts and my being. No one has to know. Invisible. Blind.

Disclaimer - Please note that this is fictional, it is just a little something I wrote a short while back. xx
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