Friday, 31 July 2015

A Jar of Honey

A few days ago I visited a small, family owned, honey factory in Sicily near Mount. Etna. I didn't just come to Sicily for honey, I'm actually on holiday at the moment, but anyways...
The company sells freshly made honey, which they allow you to taste. They offer a wide range of products including honey with creams, honey sweets, honey biscuits, pure bee pollen granules and cosmetics including lip balms, creams and soaps. My favourite honeys were the honey with lemon and orange, and the 'honey with cream' with melon.  
As well as selling honey, the company also sells spices, pesto, olive oils, wines and liquors.

Visiting the factory was so interesting, and being able to taste the different honeys was a wonderful experience! It was also lovely to see one of the 750 beehives the company owns (see above). They keep one of the beehives by the factory for people to see and then they dot the rest of the beehives around the volcano and the other nearby areas where there are flowers available for the bees to pollinate. 
After a lot of taste testing I bought two jars of honey; Miele di Arancio (Orange Honey) and Miele Di Limone (Lemon Honey). I also bought some honey biscuits called Fogile Mandorlate and a honey spoon!
I was also given a little leaflet (see below) to tell me what health benefits come from eating the honey. For example, the Miele di Arancio (orange honey) is relaxing and tonic. Sedative suitable for people who suffer from nervousness and anxiety. Against insomnia and headache.
What really makes this business unique is that they tell you exactly what is in the fresh honey you're tasting and they show you exactly how it's made. The honey isn't mass produced and you are able to see how well kept the bees are as the people who own the business understand how important bees are and treat them with care. 

Visiting the small factory was a wonderful experience and is was so lovely to taste freshly made Sicilian honey! You can also ship overseas which is definitely what I'll be doing once I've finished my honey!

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